EXCLUSIVE Arandel ‘Bodyline (Eris Drew Jeep Beets Mix)’ [InFiné]

Released in January Arandel‘s InBach-album was highly acclaimed and worshipped by the international press as it was a homage to one of music’s most relevant artists of all time, Johann Sebastian Bach. Arandel’s music exceled in a monumental reinterpretation of the orginal works, rewriting and revisiting Bach’s music by adding contemporary elements and borrowing the voices from scene-renowned artist. Almost one year later InBach is partly rewritten again as some selected tracks are remixed by some of the electronic music scene most respected or aspiring artist. Chicago-based artist and T4T LUV NRG co-founder Eris Drew, who just mixed and compiled fabric’s latest all-vinyl mix with Octo Octa, is responsible for a new approach to Bodyline or, as the press of the remixes says, comes up with a reflection and continuation of Arandel’s music, which is poetic, infinitely respectful and innovative. Eris Drew treated Bodyline in exactly this manner and delivers a broken (hiphop)beat version that is beyond any beats beauty but blows any listener’s mind as it combines several elements from diverse genres put together so wondrous it lures one into a continous circle of nocturnal bliss – a lullaby. Implementing Ben Shemie’s forever hautingly beautiful voice and putting it over a rock’n’roll da bass line is – as simple as that – the work of a music-savy and lover or Eris Drew.

Arandel’s InBach Remixed will be out on InFiné on November 20th, 2020.

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