EXCLUSIVE Jorkes ‘With You In The Darkroom’ [Super Drama Records]

A couple of weeks before Christmas it’s time for another round of Family Drama, the second act in Super Drama‘s various artist series, whose entire proceeds are going to Mermaids and Black LGBTQIA+ funds. For Volume 2 the London-based artists and label heads have compiled a set of five track from artists such as Coco Cole, Michelle Manetti, Ms. G, FYI Chris and southern German Jorkes, who contributes With You In The Darkroom. Starting off with intriguing percussions while in the course of the first seconds supported with synth-chords that slowly fades in, With You In The Darkroom takes you to most bizarre corners of the initially mentioned location and further, with every bell stroke and almost alarming sounding chord the listener is soaked deeper into the world the track creates and its corpus. Almost calmly coming in, due to the wave-esque background sequence, the listener is flushed in the darkroom to maintain and discover it, the music and the track.

Super Drama Records’ V/A Family Drama Vol. 2 will be released on November 6th, 2020.

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