TOP10 of unreleased tracks for August 2020

Here’s the latest top10, this month a top12, of unreleased tracks for August 2020 brought to you by Torture the Artist to give you an overview of tunes that are going to be released within the next weeks and months.

  1. Ghostwhip ’10:56 PM’ [Filament]
  2. Freek Fabricius ‘Melancholica (Future Is Cancelledit)’ [SoHoSo x Marguerita]
  3. Molly ‘Mr Ro Land’ [Cin Cin]
  4. Losoul ‘Movespeak’ [Another Picture]
  5. Yard One ‘Disjoint’ [803 Crystal Grooves Collective Cuts]
  6. Justin Cudmore ‘Train Dance’ [Phonica White]
  7. Black Forces ‘The Omen’ [2MR]
  8. Tornado Wallace ‘We’re Where We Were Pt. 2’ [mule musiq]
  9. Daniel Bortz ‘South Beach’ [Permanent Vacation]
  10. Damiano von Erckert ‘Let’s Hide Away’ [Live At Robert Johnson]
  11. Tim Sweeney ‘8th & Broadway’ [Public Release]
  12. Kiwi ‘Hit Me’ [Polaris Records]

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