EXCLUSIVE Petbrick ‘Guacamole Handshake (Fango Remix)’ [Rocket Recordings]

It’s time to continue the noise. After the release of Petbrick‘s debut album I last year, the duo consisting of Wayne Adams and Iggor Cavalera, selected various and musically diverse artists to take on remix duties for the band’s remix album project, namely I Remixes. Italian mastermind Fango, known for his percussive influenced (techno) approaches on music, reworked Guacamole Handshake and delivers a musical piece that could not have a clearer handwriting of an artist than this one. As soon as the bass sets in Guacamole Handshake becomes a Fango-thon, or in other words a groovey rhythmical track with slightly bouncing beats in different variations and nuances. Fango’s take sounds simple, yet contains so many facets, so many drums and sounds that it pulls the listener into an undertow of percussions before the noise finds its way into the track to break open this rhythmic harmony for a few seconds.

Petbrick’s I Remixes will be released on Rocket Recordings on July 31st, 2020.

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