ART:CAST SPECIAL by Nuno Dos Santos

One of Amsterdam’s key figures when it comes to meaningful and predestinate electronic music is Nuno Dos Santos. Whether as an artist, producer or label owner Nuno has always contributed his part to the local and international scene as he has overcome the boundaries of classifying music – whether at an artistical level or with his label Something Happening Somewhere, short SoHaSo. Speaking of the latter, Nuno has established an imprint that covers a potpourri of favored and sophisticated music varying between dub-ish approaches, sometimes with a straight four to the floor direction to then focus on a profound Electronica feel, sometimes it’s more Techno, sometimes more House, but it’s inevitable to not sense the typical atypical Nuno flavor in the music that’s put out, namely these spheric synth-chord (vibrations) creating an out of space-feel on club Earth, providing each track with shimmering deep-darkness that touches you at an emotional level simply because it has soul, because he got soul. And that is what Nuno’s been doing: playing, producing, putting out authentic pieces of the arts and for his art:cast approach, putting those together in an expressive journey from deep to disco-wefts, from Dub to House, from space to Earth and back.

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