EXCLUSIVE Omri Smadar ‘Dub Shell Dmaot (feat. Tractor’s Revenge)’

After his Fragile EP on Correspondant earlier this year Tel Aviv-based artist Omri Smadar is back with a five tracker on Blue Shadow. With En Safak the artist dives deep into his upbringing, explores and re-experiences that time (again) as he delivers those for him typically psychadelic dancefloor takes with reference to artists and music from his childhood days. Dub Shell Dmaot goes back to Tractor’s Revenge’s track Game Of Tears, which was first released back in 1990. The Dub Shell approach though omits the vocals though and fnearly ocuses on the dark and disco-ish vibe only turning the track into a truly club-esque experience as the listener is picked up by those echoing robotic vocal snippets creating a surreal world in one’s mind, you can only endure when feeling the sweat dripping from the ceiling in an underground club.

Omri Smadar’s EP En Safak will be relased on Blue Shadow on July 17th, 2020.

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