ART:CAST #85 by Peter Invasion

The latest art:cast episode is a musical invasion by one of Leipzig’s leading musical heads, namely by Peter Invasion. The creative and former Here Is Why band member, Peter Invasion was the drummer, firmly has things under control when it comes to one of Germany’s aspiring clubs, the Institut für Zukunft, for which he’s done the bookings. Besides Markus Krasselt, Peter Invasion’s real name, is the co-label head of Riotvan, a label he founded in 2012, the label hosted the first two releases of Here Is Why, before it’s become a familiar family affair as Panthera Krause joined Peter. From day one the label has served close artists as a platform to releases their (demanding and ambitious) music. Speaking of the latter for Peter Invasion’s art:cast the artist provides his audience with exclusive and eclectic music, the first track for examples comes from Sexxy Legs, Peter Invasion’s partner, and also underlines his philosophy to keep his loved ones (musically) close. However, the art:cast is not only a family affair but includes disco-ish, rock-ish and housey takes from producers that have been under Peter’s radar for a moment or just popped up in his exclusive promo inbox. The result is a heterogenous homogenous composition: heterogenous because Peter draws on to various electronic sub-genres; homogenous because Peter smoothly mixes them so the musical borders soften – if they have ever existed in his world.


  1. Sexxy Legs ‘Let Me Be Frank’
  2. Modular Project ‘Cyberspace’
  3. Niv Ast ‘Ninja’s Mothership’
  4. Golden Bug feat. Lady Maru ‘Fax, Flipper and Cigarets’
  5. Niv Ast ‘Poisson d’Argent’
  6. Cantor ‘Hannet’s Dream (Modular Project Isolation Rework)’
  7. Matisa ‘The Curtain Falls’
  8. Bawrut ‘Ciquita (R$N Edit)’
  9. Bawrut ‘1-2-3-4’
  10. DC Salas ‘Keep Them Closer’
  11. Red Axes ‘Popcorn Cover’
  12. Llewellyn ‘unreleased’
  13. Kraftwerk ‘Computer Liebe’

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