Cologne blithe spirit and Sum Over Histories companion Lazaros returns to Torture the Artist’s art:cast series with an all vinyl Easter special. Pairing dubby and deep takes with (uplifting) House tracks Lazaros chose a different approach than with his first timer, still musically expresses his artful being as well as flow. Blissfully Lazo, how close friends call Lazaros, maneuvers his audience through his (musical) pastures starting off with deep dub techno before sending up the pulse as the artists changes to club modus: driving and pulsating bass lines take over but Lazaros remains a melodic vibe. Halfway through or rather in the art:cast then wipes off the melo-note and turns towards House. But even in this musical field Lazaros selected tracks that pay attention to small background details the artist always includes in his own productions. Again Lazaros proves why he’s one skilfull selector taking his audience from laidback-melo vibes to uplifting partly summer-ish takes without taking notice of it.


  1. Rhythm & Sound ‘Carrier’

  2. Rhythm & Sound ‘Roll Off/s
  3. Rhythm & Sound ‘Queen In My Empire’
  4. Soul Center ‘Drive My Car

  5. Ricardo Villalobos ‘Duso

  6. Guillaume & The Coutu Dumonts ‘Shipuchiy
  7. Isolee ‘Candy Apple Red’
  8. Didier Sinclair ‘Lovely Flight
  9. Angel Moraes ‘Surfin
  10. Guillaume & The Coutu Dumonts ‘Presidio
  11. Isolee ‘Mad Marauder’
  12. White Falls ‘White Falls’
  13. John Acquaviva ‘At Midnight’

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