EXCLUSIVE Foreign Guest, Wewerka ‘Phasonator (The Drifter Remix)’ [Moodmusic]

Berliners Foreign Guest and Wewerka are next on Sasse’s Moodmusic label and contribute the four tracker ‘Phasonator’, which comes with two original cuts, ‘Brooken Reflection’ and the EP’s title track ‘Phasonator’, that got the remix treatment from Engyn and Maeve co-founder The Drifter. The latter delivers a rather reduced version of the orginal but still maintain’s the vibe and puts a lot of emphasize on the little details that, when overally put together, create a mental quite tooly take, which sounds as if it could soak you into the mesmerization of the a (club) night. With the essential bass line, a lush continuous thunderstorm, Mark’s approach certainly features the common The Drifter trademark sound which is topped with darkly influenced synth-sounds that unfold their hypnotizing potential over the course of the track.

Foreign Guest’s and Wewerka’s EP ‘Phasonator‘ will be released on Moodmusic on December 13th, 2019.

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