EXCLUSIVE Olaf Stuut ‘Coral Limbo’ [microCastle]

It’s been a moment since Olaf Stuut released an EP. But as autumn is coming closer it’s time to tackle that matter for the Amsterdamer and pull off a four tracker on microCastle that literary takes one back to the summer of 2019 while it musically draws the listener to the dance floor. ‘Coral Limbo’, Olaf’s up-to-date work and debut on the label, captures the artist’s preference for Funk and Jazz, at least or mainly when ‘jamming’ to the driving bass line only. Stuut manages to combine the extremely affecting sub-frequencies with smooth mid- and high-frequencies, which he keeps rather dubby and therefore gains an aqua-esque vibe as if one dives way further than only in a track but into brain of the ocean.

Olaf Stuut’s EP ‘Coral Limbo’ will be released on microCastle on October 4th, 2019.

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