EXCLUSIVE Pletnev ‘Hope They Won’t Come Back (Lion’s Drums Remix)’ [Le Temps Perdu]

Alexander Pletnev returns to V’s label Le Temps Perdu with his EP ‘Voranto Bros’, consisting of two original tracks, namely ‘Voranto Bros’ and ‘Hope They Won’t Come Back’, and two remixes respectively a drum mix of the EP’s eponymous track. On remix duties we find ‘Discodromo’ and Harold BouĂ© aka Abstraxion aka Lion’s Drums from Biologic Records who dedicates himself to ‘Hope They Won’t Come Back’ and delivers a heavily rhythmical take that smoothly changes directions when, almost half way in, disco-ish pads take over and add a dark twist to the take that continues to soak its audience deeper and deeper into its fascinating magic before the track fades out and leaves one back with the urge to press rewind to return to the drums and dark synth sounds.

Pletnev’s EP ‘Voranto Bros‘ will be released on Le Temps Perdu on September 27th, 2019.

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