EXCLUSIVE Neil Flynn ‘Trá’ [Lossless]

With a little bit more than six months in the year Lossless finally sends a sign of life to the electronic music scene – and, as expected, one with a bang. After Atelier’s EP ‘Something To Fill An Hour’ Thomas Herb and Mathias Schober’s label returns with its third installment of Outbound, a potpourri of selected works from Lossless’ family members and artists within the label’s reach and range. Alongside the musical gathering on Outbound.3 the various artist EP additionally kicks off the release season for the label and marks the fifth anniversary. Lossless’ longtime affiliate, Irishman in Berlin Neil Flynn, contributes a collaboration with vocalist Katie Kim called ‘Trá’, meaning ‘beach’ in Irish, to the EP. ‘Trá’ reveals that music doesn’t need more than a simple but driving bass line and vocals – in the first place. But ‘Trá’, of course, contains more than the aforementioned and Neil just makes it sound so simple. Echoing synths accompany the conga drums and create some Celtic trippiness intensified by Katie Kim’s Björk-esque vocals and seagull sounds that unite nature and men in a ritualistically fortified track.

Lossless’ ‘Outbound.3‘ will be released on July 12th, 2019.

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