EXCLUSIVE Ivory ‘Biscuit’ [microCastle]

When reading Ivory‘s discography you’ll find a potpourri of electronic music’s most trending labels – every single one carefully chosen to give the Ivory sound exposure. Ivory’s summer playground turns out to be renowned Canadian label microCastle – and the musical marriage between the both couldn’t be chosen more sensible as both parties support underground music with a spaced-out note. The upcoming five tracker ‘No Scale Can Resize You’ meets the aforementioned conditions and sees Daniel Tagliaferri, Ivory’s real name, providing the scene with a range of his current musical work. ‘Biscuit’ probably is the most funky and spacey track of the EP, but starts off smoother than any fabric conditioner can make your laundry to then shake you faster than a washing machine drum. Ivory builds up and introduces his listeners thoroughly to further and new sounds and elements as rhythmically as his music and – one has to say of course – ends up in a break that’s close to a cosmos’ orbit in which these soundscapes are span around like the Cookie Monster deals with biscuits.

Ivory’s EP ‘No Scale Can Resize You‘ will be out on microCastle on July 12th, 2019.

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