EXCLUSIVE DJ Hotel ‘Sleepless’ [Permanent Vacation]

Known for their exquisite taste Tom Bioly and Benjamin Fröhlich installed Permanent Vacation as a label that features electronic music from underground to renowned to highly acknowledged artists. What unites these people is their common sentiment of producing edgy music, with each track, each EP and each album representing these simple standalone features that can shortly be summed up as each artist’s trademark sound. After having had Marvin & Guy, Fort Romeau or Yør Kultura on the label this year already, it’s now time for DJ Hotel to book his Permanent Vacation-spot. His five-tracker ‘Sleepless’ is musically a homage to deep House music. The pads and chords in the EP’s eponymous track create an ongoing momentum of reckless abandon to chosen and merged elements, which even gain a deeper note with Hotel’s vocal insertions throughout the track. The driving bass line as well as the vocal-snippets, which are basically a question, ‘Are you ready?’ and the answer to it, ‘yes’ are drowned by a fiddle that harmonically suits the track’s overall composition, hence it adds a melancholic profoundness to ‘Sleepless’ and basically simulates ‘sleep’ – a sleep that is continuously interrupted by a sound that reminds one of sending an email and therefore evoke anxiety leading to sleeplessness.

DJ Hotel’s EP ‘Sleepless‘ will be released on Permanent Vacation on June 21st, 2019.

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