EXCLUSIVE Kris Davis ‘Through the Door’ [Sum Over Histories]

When Frankey & Sandrino launched Sum Over Histories back in 2016, the first EP ever to appear on the label was ‘Path Integral I’, a three tracker with providence in two different ways: Firstly, it was forseeable that a second part would follow at some point in the label’s history and secondly because the first edition of ‘Path Integral’ already foreshadowed the musical direction the label would take – namely Frankey & Sandrino focusing on established, aspiring artists or their projects and release artsy worthwhile mental and delimiting electronic music with no expiration date. Almost two years and four releases later, the second installment of ‘Path Integral’ paves the way for six new gems, ready to be discovered, ready to be played out, ready to hit the zeitgeist and ready to give a set an ambitious and advanced whiff without sounding pretentious. The B3 of the EP, ‘Through the Door’, is from Kris Davis‘ creative well. Warm synth-chords characterize the track’s basic idea but undergo an intentional sound-treatment that stretches the last notes and adds some harmonic disharmony to it or in other words, edginess over happiness creating artsy moments in dance, on the floor.

Sum Over Histories’ ‘Path Integral II‘ EP will be released on June 14th, 2019.

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