EXCLUSIVE Qubica ‘Laud’ [Multinotes]

After Qubica‘s first strike with their ‘Idoru EP’, which was released on Engrave Ltd in November 2018, the duo, consisting of Italian artists Enrico and Giovanni, readies its second EP, ‘Stratos’. The four tracker musically takes up what the duo started last year, synth-oriented approaches with a penchant for melodical dance floor takes. Without praising ‘Laud’, the third cut on the EP too much, it’s probably the most complexly arranged track on ‘Stratos’ with multilayered echoing and varying synth-chords fading in and out before a guitar-seeming lead-melody accompanied by funky soundscapes occur and evoke a Mediterranean overall vibe that, to sum it up, make the track a pleasant sound experience on and off the dance floor.

Qubica’s EP ‘Stratos‘ will be released on Multinotes May 13th, 2019.

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