EXCLUSIVE Shall Ocin ‘Boreal’ [Clash Lion]

Run by Terr, Daniel Watts and Shall Ocin, Clash Lion Records is about to ready the next EP. ‘Stay Here’ is the latest work from co-label founder Shall Ocin and includes – aside from the EP’s title track – a second take that goes by the name of ‘Boreal’, meaning northern or cold-moderate with reference to the boreal zone, which is located in the northern hemisphere. Crystal clear yet pleasant synth-chords combined with a lush bass line mark ‘Boreal’s’ start before the chords’ tonality is boosted in the course of the track to rise the tension moderately. The synth-sounds are then interrupted by a creaking second synth-sound which marks the track’s peak. From then on ‘Boreal’ takes on the ‘mild’ melodic elements which the listener was introduced to in the first part of the track and lets one easily finish the walk through the northern hemisphere.

Shall Ocin’s EP ‘Stay Here‘ will be released on Clash Lion March 18th, 2019.

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