REVIEW Bob Moses ‘Enough to Believe (Eagles & Butterflies Remix)’ [Domino]

British born, LA based Eagles & Butterflies has had a productive 2019 so far. Between remixing iconic Bedrock track ‘Heaven Scent’ and his latest EP release on Innervisions, the busy producer has also had the time to remix indie vocal track ‘Enough to Believe’ by Vancouver boys Bob Moses.

Enough to Believe’ is a feel good track, the type you swear you’ve heard before but if not, won’t forget. If the vocal melody didn’t catch you (and that’s a big if), then the rolling 80’s synth notes sure will, or the cheeky bass guitar notes, if that’s your thing. A beautiful reinvention of the also beautiful original, it’s simply given a nudge to the dancier side making sure it touches the hearts of fans across all music genres.

Almost double the length of the original, Eagles & Butterflies has added a few more elements to extend the fun. Between the inclusion of a fluttering treble guitar sounding melody, one that although strays up and down but always returns back to home base, the tonic note, or strumming synth notes that snake up an octave or two, the track is full of surprises. And for those days where lyrics seem too decisive, you can always turn to the dub.

Enough to Believe’ Remixes was released on January 31st, 2019 on Domino.

Review by Tess Daniella

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