ART:CAST #51 by Tom Bioly

As the co-founder of prolific independent label Permanent Vacation Tom Bioly has proven his extraordinary skills as a careful track-selector. Continuously delivering quality and tasteful releases is not a coincidence – at least not in Tom’s case. However, the Munich based artist has much more on the ball. Last year renowned label Compost passed on the responsibility to the DJ and producer to compile the latest ‘Future Sounds of Jazz’-compilation, which featured a track, ‘Unskinny Dub’, from Tom under his TB moniker. Speaking of productions Tom keeps a low profile when it comes to EPs. So far the Munich has released three EPs only with ‘Night Heat’ being his latest piece of art. With his exclusive art:cast Tom continues to carry out both musically: the Permanent Vacation and his own trademark sound, both having a common accord. The almost one hour and thirty minute lasting mix is most likely what one would expect and at the same time nothing alike. Almost in a wondrously way Tom combines a various number of genres, blends timeless and new music and creates a musical portray of today’s music, his own influences and personal favorites in an intimate and enlightening way.

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