EXCLUSIVE Aaaron ‘Jive’ [Connected]

British label Connected follows its way of releasing electronic music with a touch of deep- and darkness but yet remaining rather rhytmically in a track’s arrangement and therefore continues to deliver a musical output that adds value to the dance floor. After the label’s first album, which came from Danish producer Nandu and was released in October 2018, it’s another label’s affialiate, Aaaron, who returns to the Brixton based label. Best known for his kicking basslines the Berliner compiled a three tracker, his ‘Aware EP’, that consciously causes awareness for Aaaron’s deeper musical approach. ‘Jive’ starts off with a 1 minute and 30 seconds stripped down bassline that forms the track’s musical frame and gives the synth-melody enough time and space to unfold it’s crystal clear sound before entering into a dialogue between bass and trebles until the track peaks in a break. From then it becomes obvious why ‘Jive’ is a portray of falling autmn-leaves that cover the dance floor as Aaaron let’s the synth-pad-sounds rain down on its audience creating a dark-romance-dancefloor affair.

Aaaron’s EP ‘Aware‘ will be released November 23rd, 2018 on Connected.

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