REVIEW Jimi Jules ‘Watergate 24 EP’ [Watergate Records]

The new Watergate Jimi Jules compilation is a full one – full of artists with originals and remixed productions, full of keys and vibes as well as instrumentation. The Zurich based DJ and producer has added his own flair to the compilation, giving the remix touches to many tracks as well as dropping a few originals. It seems that Watergate Records has picked another winner for their mix series.

Appropriately named, ‘Parkuhr (exclusive)’ makes use of the first four letters of the track name very well. A minimal beat starts us off, slowly building in momentum and orchestration, including stronger on and off beats. Full of percussion, Jimi Jules and Domenico Ferrari have created a rhythmically strong, quirky track that perfectly embodies the free living brought on by the summer heat.

119 BPM (Jimi Jules & Jesaya +4BPM Update) begins punchy and crunchy and ends that way too. Heavy and full of personality Jimi Jules and Jesaya have effectively breathed new life into the Âme original, while maintaining and preserving its backbone. A strong bass line clangs while the tempo plays unwaveringly. The further the track goes the more distorted the bass line becomes, rising octaves and dipping back down to the low registers, fraying slightly at the edges to produce a somewhat more staticky acid sound, and bouncing back to its old bassy self.

Egopusher’s ‘Flake (Jimi Jules Remix) (exclusive) is bright and dancey, coupled with slow rising arpeggio it unfolds at a gentle tempo. The track is very much defined by the arpeggio pattern – its upward motion gives an unfinished feeling and the melodic line it follows parallels that of an unfinished cadence, also giving an unfinished forward moving feel. A jazzy synth line enters, wavering in tone but not in attitude it adds just enough change to give the track a final push to the finish line.

An upbeat tempo starts us off until reverb-thick vocals take over. Pitched percussion keep time while a tantalizing voice takes off, reaching the outer most edges of the soundscape. Until then ED ED & Petja Virikko’ ‘Sundroina feat. Jinadu (Jimi Jules Remix) (exclusive)’ is only percussion and vocals but steadily it climbs to greater heights adding an ostinating treble melody and finally a pleasing harmonic third line all of which culminate and carry until the end.

Jimi Jules ‘Watergate 24 EP’ was released on July 9th on Watergate Records.

Review by Tess Daniella

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