EXCLUSIVE Stefan Goldmann ‘An Ardent Heart’ [Macro Recordings]

Macro co-label founder Stefan Goldmann, whose early productions were out on labels such as Perlon, Ovum, Classic or Innervisions, has been a scene’s mainstay since 2002. With his mini album ‘An Ardent Heart’ the busy artists created his most dance floor oriented material in the last decade. ‘An Ardent Heart’, of course, follows a concept, and for those who know Goldmann musically it is obvious that the Berlin based artists added an evident pattern to the album. For ‘An Ardent Heart’ Stefan predominantly worked within a ‘vocalized’ mode of synthesis that recreates speech patterns through ‘formant shaping, vowel filters and airstream perturbations’, the artist says. The album’s name giving track, ‘An Ardent Heart, surely is the most vivid realization of the afore-described as the transformed vocal creates a mesmerizing effect that is highlighted with a driving bassline.

Stefan Goldmann’s mini album ‘An Ardent Heart‘ will be released July 20th, 2018 on Macro Recordings.

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