EXCLUSIVE Quarion ‘Jamaican Morse Code’ [Drumpoet Community]

Zurich based label Drumpoet Community releases music detached from any trend or current hype and has exactly therefore gained a reputation beyond its hometown. Label-founders and fathers Ron Shiller and Alex Dallas always follow a strict yet open-minded label-philosophy releasing deep or melodic and forward-thinking music from artists – known or upcoming. And their concept has proven to be successful since Drumpoet Community has been existing for more than a decade. The latest release on the label comes from affiliated producer Quarion, whose first EP on DPC, ‘Karasu’, goes back to 2006. Now the Berlin based producer compiled a three tracker, ‘Cobbleston EP’, that crosses the boundaries between diverse House Music approaches. While the EP’s title track, ‘Cobblestone’, concentrates on a rather deep and sweet approach, ‘Sunday Night Pt. 2’ not only pays tribute to his 2015 release ‘Sunday Night’ but follows a more dubby touch. The EP’s closing track, ‘Jamaican Morse Code’, depicts Quarion’s darker musical approach and, as the track title suggests, highlights the implemented morse code sounds before adding a slight percussive touch to the track – in true drumpoet manner.

Quarion’s EP ‘Cobblestone‘ is released July 6th, 2018 on Drumpoet Community.

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