EXCLUSIVE Eduardo De La Calle ‘Breatharian’ [Darkroom Dubs]

With a discography that covers releases on labels such as Hivern Discs, Mule Musiq or Planet E Eduardo De La Calle has built up quite a musical reputation ever since his first release, a split EP on Hard Fandango, in 2003. Fifteen years later the Madrilenian debuts on renowned Glasgow label Darkroom Dubs, which is run by Silicone Soul and has been a scene’s mainstay since the mid noughties. As the label’s name already suggests Darkroom Dubs is a playground for artists that focus on deeper soundscapes of electronic music however it provides its listeners with well arranged and meaningful releases that are sophisticated still soulful. With his four tracker, ‘Darkroom Dubs Traxx’, Eduardo takes the same line and delivers a selection that satisfies both: club-goers and headphone-listeners. ‘Breatharian’ starts off with a dreamy sound pattern before the analogue scientist implements a driving bassline in the progress of the track and enriches it with various cracking sounds that have a contradictious effect on the warm synth chords. But this described musical interaction between roughness and warmth causes the attractiveness of the track as the final result is a profound piece of music that depicts the fusion between day and night.

Eduardo De La Calle’s EP ‘Darkroom Dubs Traxx‘ will be released May 28th, 2018 on Darkroom Dubs.

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