EXCLUSIVE Anton Dhouran ‘The Myth of Tarae (Olderic Edition)’ [Chapter 24]

Venetian DJ, producer and co-label-founder Olderic has implemented a trademark sound of his own over the past decade. Having released on renowned labels such as Connaisseur Recordings, Compost Records or Siamese the passionate artist raised the bar for up and coming music that is penned by himself. Not only does Enrico, how close friends call him, work solo when it comes to productions but appreciates his ‘Stereocalypse’ project with Andrea Doria. According to Enrico, he will strongly focus on the aforementioned project in the future and take a break as ‘Olderic’, so his reinterpretation of Anton Dhouran‘s ‘The Myth of Tarae’ will be the last release under Enrico’s Olderic moniker in a while. The artist’s invitation for a last dance or ‘The Myth of Tarae (Olderic Edition)’ is built around a vibrant bass line that leaves space for vocals which are drawn on the track’s introductory phase. In the following Olderic adds vigorous synth-sounds highlighting the vocal’s magic to create a mutual relationship between soundscapes and singing. Additionally further percussive elements are integrated in the overall soundscape emphasizing an enduring psychedelic effect throughout the track.

Anton Dhouran’s EP ‘The Myth of Tarae: The Editions‘ will be released May 18th, 2018 on Chapter 24.

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