INTERVIEW & TRACK PREMIERE Pablo Fierro ‘Timanfaya’ [Compost]

Cradled with rhythm Canary Island born and currently in Madrid living DJ and producer Pablo Fierro is a mainstay of the rather percussively influenced music in the electronic music scene. With releases on Innervisions’ renowned ‘Secret Weapons’ compilation the bustling artists has left quite an impression and paved the way for following releases on Suol or RISE. For the latter Pablo remixed Floyd Lavine’s track ‘Masala’, which became an instant summer anthem in 2017. This year Pablo continues his personal rise with his ‘Timanfaya EP‘ on Munich based label Compost. The EP’s title track starts Pablo-style, meaning the Madrilenian builds up the track with strong and various percussions preparing the momentum when a Mediterranean influenced synth-melody makes its first appearance and in the following is accompanied by a second one that marks the track’s peak. Shortly before the release of Pablo Fierro’s EP Torture the Artist had the chance to catch up and speak to the artist about his connection to the ‘Timanfaya National Park’, his move to Madrid and other topics.

Torture the Artist: Hello Pablo, tell us something about your day.

Pablo Fierro: Usually I wake up at 7 in the morning and have a good breakfast and I organize and check my emails, then a few hours in the studio followed by meetings. This is my life during the week from Monday to Friday.

Torture the Artist: Name a track that expresses how you perceive Madrid and its inhabitants, and give reasons for your choice?

Pablo Fierro: I think Madrid is a good place to live since there are a lot of events, an interesting culture, and food and people are great too. It’s a city where you can find a lot of great musicians and pubs to listen and enjoy live music. I think a good song to describe Madrid is ‘La Chica de Ayer’ by Antonio Vega.

Madrid changed my view of music not only in electronic, but also in Pop music.

Torture the Artist: What were the reasons you moved to Madrid and how does life for you differ living in a metropolis now?

Pablo Fierro: I moved there from the Canary Islands which is a paradise to live in but a proper music industry doesn’t exist there. Madrid changed my view on music not only on electronic, but also on Pop music.

Torture the Artist: Growing up in the Canary Islands, how did electronic music find its way to you?

Pablo Fierro: My brother Juan Fierro introduced me to electronic music; he is two years older than me and he showed me everything about this culture. We moved to New Jersey and New York in 2002 and discovered all the electronic and dance music.

Torture the Artist: What has been the most beneficial release to further your career?

Pablo Fierro: Every release is important for me, but honestly there are a few that helped me to grow like ‘Banguere’, ‘Masala’, ‘La Palma’ etc. Also a remix for Black Coffee or the remix that Louie Vega did a few years ago helped me a lot to further my career.

Torture the Artist: You are releasing #142 on Compost Black label, how close does this EP come to your own perception of the perfect sound?

Pablo Fierro: I think the release is a very personal EP. Inside you can find influences that vary between African, Latin Ethic and Techno music. I’m very happy to have worked on those tracks and release them on Compost. The perfect sound doesn’t exist for me.

Timanfaya on a magic place to visit in the Canary Islands.

Torture the Artist: What role does the ‘Timanfaya National Park’ play in your life and what message does the track of the same name transport?

Pablo Fierro: Timanfaya is a magic place to visit in the Canary Islands. This EP is like a travel around that park. I’m very proud to be born in that fantastic land and always try to pay a tribute to my Islands. Honestly it’s a magic place and you will definitely enjoy it.

Torture the Artist: In your bio you mention several genres like Afro, Latin, Techno, Deep, Astral or Folk you musically feel at home. What’s a track you would like to produce but does not fit your current releases?

Pablo Fierro: There a lot of great atemporal songs and I love Flamenco music, especially the track ‘Yerbabuena‘ by the guitarist master Pepe Habichuela.

I think one of the most important things in music is to make your own sound or your sign. This is a combination of different experiences in life.

Torture the Artist: You combine different styles and genres in your productions. How is this interlinked with the way you grew up?

Pablo Fierro: When you are open to learn and receive energy or different experiences in life, you can  create something unique. I think one of the most important things in music is to make your own sound or come up with a trademark sound. This is a combination of different experiences in life.

Torture the Artist: What ‘sound’ from your childhood would you like to implement in one of your upcoming productions?

Pablo Fierro: Umm this is a secret haha… honestly I’d like to use a little flute that I played when I was a child, which is called ‘pito murgero’, and it could match with some great beat. I love to record and try out different crazy sounds.


Torture the Artist: Which artistic frontiers would you like to cross?

Pablo Fierro: I would love to be a painter and make sculptures again. All my family dedicates themselves to art in general. I love to learn and if I can find another thing to discover in art, it is always welcome.

Torture the Artist: Name a track that impresses you lately.

Pablo Fierro: That’s difficult, but I really love InnerVisions’ ‘UNO Stereo‘.

Torture the Artist: Are there any milestones, or notable moments, in the evolution of your sound? For example, getting a chance to work with an idol of yours, or hearing a new, and different sound for the first time?

Pablo Fierro: For sure, I like to hear and learn new techniques in terms of sound. There is always a producer that calls my attention for a new sound. There are many who try to innovate and they are my favorites. I’m happy when I hear something different.

Torture the Artist: Name an artist you would like to collaborate with.

Pablo Fierro: I really love to work with great musicians. I’d really love to work with Black Coffee.

I love discovering new cultures, new landscapes, tasting meals and sharing among the local people.

Torture the Artist: Aside from music, what is an outlet for you?

Pablo Fierro: Traveling. This is what I really love and enjoy. It’s my outlet. I love discovering new cultures, new landscapes, tasting meals and sharing among the local people. This inspires me! I feel very happy to share a few days with the Masais in Kenya. It was a very intense experience.

Torture the Artist: If you could be an animal, what would it be and what would you do?

Pablo Fierro: Wow, that’s an interesting question, I would really love to be a bird, I always liked the idea of being able to fly. To see any place from the sky without paying for ticket or having to carry any equipment. That would be more than fantastic.

Torture the Artist: What does an unbeatable dance move to your music look like?

Pablo Fierro: You can dance to my music like you are dancing HipHop, Salsa or Samba, haha… I loved the first time I went to New York and saw many people breakdancing to Afro House! Any dance is good.

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