EXCLUSIVE Zombies in Miami ‘Where Is The Voice Of That Man On Acid’ [2MR]

Mexican duo Zombies in Miami is about to release their EP, Take It Off’, consisting of three original cuts and a Jackie House remix, on 2MR at the end of March. Torture the Artist’s exclusive, ‘Where Is The Voice Of That Man On Acid’ raises the question club heads and headphone listeners have been asking themselves for years and gives a musical answer to it. The disco-ish and psychedelic vibe of the track digs deep into the soul of its listeners and creates a setting that could be either rooted either at a dark and sweaty underground club or, the opposite, at an outdoor location. Still the question ‘Where Is The Voice Of That Man On Acid’ is not answered with words as Zombies in Miami chose the silent approach to give hints to the omnipresent wish of finding an answer. The voice of that man on acid is just not existent and leaves room to the listener to create its own mindset.

Zombies in Miami’s EP ‘Take It Off‘ will be released March 30th, 2018 on 2MR.

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