EXCLUSIVE Mathias Schober ‘The Interesting Thing Happens’ [Lossless]

Lossless co-founder Mathias Schober returns solo to his very own label with an eclectic three tracker named ‘Continuing EP’ that serves both: clubbers and headphone party goers. While ‘Into Something Unique’ feat. vocalist Alice Rose serves the latter, ‘And Life Turns’ as well as ‘The Interesting Things Happen’ definitely aim to make the dance floor move and depict Mathias’ preference for creating peculiar pieces of music. ‘The Interesting Things Happen’ starts agreeable in media res as a stomping bass line sets in with the first beat and is paired with a synth-melody that emphasizes the groovy yet clubby character of the track. And just as one starts to get lost in the twirling chords that draw the listener over to a darker site ‘the interesting thing happens’ and the track discovers a short sequence of funkiness that peaks when the break sets in. With slight nuances of foreshadowing a rave moment ‘The Interesting Things Happen’ goes back to its melodic approach without slowing down its pace before leaving the seven minute club ride with an echo.

Mathias Schober’s EP ‘Continuing‘ is released March 16th, 2018 on Lossless.

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