EXCLUSIVE Kalabrese ‘Erin 1B’ [RAVE U R]

Zurich based DJ and producer Kalabrese remixes Rizzoknor, one of his favorite bands from his hometown when it comes to the fusion of jj-cale licks and club oriented music. According to Sacha, Kalabrese’s off-stage name, ‘Rizzoknor‘s sound brims over with energy’, and he continues his puff piece with ‘even DJ playing after the band have a tough time keeping the energy of their performance up.’ This being said, of course, Kalabrese was all in to remix ‘Erin’ and chose an opposing approach to the track, meaning his piece of art is ‘a dreamy dub with many drum-fills. Probably more as Georg [editor’s note: Georg the drummer from Rizzoknor] is ever allowed to play.’ But knowing Kalabrese and his outstanding productions the remix has way more to offer than the aforementioned and turns the original into a funky twisted re-work that gets its audience attention with the first note.

Rizzoknor’s EP ‘Erin Remixed Vol. 1‘ will be released March 16th on RAVE U R.

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