EXCLUSIVE Human Machine ‘Rosetta’ [Engrave Ltd]

After Italian run label Engrave Ltd released their first compilation, simply named ‘Volume 1’, label bosses Dodi Palese and Musumeci return with the second chapter of the compilation series, which follows the concept of the first release by offering a platform for known but also up-and-coming artists of the electronic music scene. Quite established and renowned are Musumeci, Sisio, Simeone and Pavi alias Human Machine, who have created quite some buzz around their music ever since their first release ‘146’, which was out on Connaisseur Recordings in 2016. The quartet rarely provides its audience with new material but when they do the music dives deep beyond the surface. ‘Rosetta’, Human Machine’s contribution for ‘II’, is no exception. Starting off with an almost techno-ish bass line it is Musumeci, Sisio, Simeone and Pavi’s preference for creating memorable melodies that not only comes through but takes over and is carried by the clap and recurring forward pushing and twisted synth-sounds that unload their energy.

Engrave Ltd’s, ‘Vol. 2‘ will be released March 2nd, 2018 on Engrave Ltd.

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