EXCLUSIVE Emilie Nana ‘I Rise (Danny Krivit Beatapella)’ [Compost]

Taken from Emilie Nana‘s upcoming EP ‘I Rise’ Danny Krivit‘s Beatapella is a homage to early New York House music days. An entirely stripped down bass line in combination with few percussive elements and Emilie’s spoken vocals are the track’s mainstays while in the course of the track these are enhanced by a depicted melody that appears to be a solo-bass part layered with a hall effect. After the aforementioned caesura the stomping bass line as well as Emilie’s vocals set in again and maintain the track’s old-school vibe till the end. ‘I Rise (Danny Krivit Beatapella)’s inevitable reference to early House music is undeniable but producing a track with such few elements certainly is a little masterpiece of art and reminds its listener of the importance of music getting its soul back.

Emilie Nana’s EP ‘I Rise‘ will be released on Compost Records February 23rd, 2018.

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