EXCLUSIVE Impérieux ‘Aritmetika’ [ATLANT Recordings]

After releasing his debut EP ‘Consciously Isolated‘ on ATLANT last year Impérieux returns to BOg‘s label with a four tracker called ‘Culture Mess’ that emphasizes his exquiste taste in selecting soundscapes and piecing them together to extraordinary compositions. The Torture the Artist exclusive ‘Aritmetika’ takes the same line and highlights what Impérieux has established as his trademark: a slightly percussive touch in combination with catchy and dominant melodic elements. When speaking about ‘Artimetika’ the DJ and producer does not predominantly focus on the aforementioned only but rather adds a hypnotical twist to the track to bring up a mental element that stimulates its audience’s nerve fibers. So basically Impérieux delivers brain chords for the likes of Trikk, Sandrino and Ame who brainfeed the dance floor.

Impérieux‘s EP ‘Culture Mess’ will be released February 12th, 2018 on ATLANT Recordings.

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