EXCLUSIVE Olaf Stuut ‘Polygon Vista’ [Engrave Ltd]

Dutch producer Olaf Stuut, widely known for his releases on Atomnation and his remix for The Acid’s song ‘Red’, makes his debut on Engrave Ltd, run by Italian gentlemen Musumeci and Dodi Palese, with his ‘A.I. Fugitive’ EP. The three tracker represents Olaf’s rather deep approach to electronic music combined with a preference for arpeggiated synth melodies. The Torture the Artist exclusive, ‘Polygon Vista’, starts off rather calm, almost in the tone of an ambient track before Stuut twists the knobs on the synthesizers to create mental soundscapes and finish the track just like it started: smoothly and calmly.

Olaf Stuut’s EP ‘A.I. Fugitive’ including his track ‘Polygon Vista’ will be out January 8th, 2017 on Engrave Ltd.

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