PREMIERE Einar Stray Orchestra ‘Synthesis (Constantijn Lange Remix)’ [Sinnbus]

The never released track ‘Primitive’ from Norwegian Indie band Einar Stray Orchestra finally sees the light of day and comes with another four tracks that were originally released on the band’s album ‘Dear Bigotory’ earlier this year but now get a remix treatment. Berlin based producer Constantijn Lange, known for his works on labels such as Laut&Luise and Traum Schallplatten, follows a hypnotically driven approach of ‘Synthesis’ by using a lead synth that allows the band’s vocals enough space to enfold. In the course of the track the vocals are sustained by both Constantijn’s sense for a subtle groove and his knowledge of including enriching soundscapes to the track that create a harmonizing result of music.

Einar Stray Orchestra’s EP ‘Primitive’, including Constantijn Lange’s remix of ‘Synthesis’ will be released November 3rd, 2017 on Sinnbus.

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