REVIEW BOg feat. Tim Engelhardt ‘Why Should’ + Upercent ‘Caos’ [DIYNAMIC MUSIC]

Monster label, DIYNAMIC MUSIC is back with another ‘Four to the Floor’ EP, this time on it’s 10th installment. All with boss-man Soloman’s stamp of approval, the four tracks each have as much rhythm as they do melody. The dance music EP boasts music from BOg feat. Tim Engelhardt, Upercent, Eclept and Giza DJ’s featuring Melody Stranger, making DIYNAMIC’s latest releases a strong one.

Why Should’ begins with percussion on every beat, varying in tone and weight, laying the groundwork for a head-bopping, foot tapping track. Melodically sound treble tones begin to layer on top of the full, rhythmic bass, weaving and crisscrossing until all elements are present. The main synth line creates a pleasing feeling of repetition, one that holds the track together while other sounds diverge. It’s rising and falling parallels the synth pad motion near the end of the track, adding diversity and a wider range of emotions.

Upercent’s ‘Caos’ noticeably has a more dance-floor feel than the previous track, mainly because of a few key characteristics – stronger main beats and bigger build-ups. Employing Afro-percussion and melodic instruments, the track plays at the audience’s appetite for tribal-sounding tracks. The inclusion of slightly inaudible, chanting vocals on top of rumbling bass notes gives this track a dark edge, all the while maintaining it’s lightheartedness with twinkling soprano synth notes and upbeat xylophone notes.

DIYNAMIC MUSIC’s ‘Foor to the Floor’ EP, with tracks BOg feat. Tim Engelhardt ‘Why Should’ + Upercent ‘Caos’ was released on September 1st, 2017. (Tess)

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