REVIEW Fort Romeau ‘Reasons’ [Fort Romeau]

Cin Cin record label boss, Fort Romeau has released another EP, this time, under his own name. With past tracks under popular labels such as Running Back and Live At Robert Johnson, it’s nice to give his own name some love. His newest self-released EP, Reasons, is packed with a variety of elements that perfectly encapsulate his sound. A review of the title track, Reasons, is below.

A top an airy layer of noise that almost sounds as if it were breathing, gathering volume steadily and then deflating gradually, echoing vocals glimmer. With a soft timbre that maintains the semi-conscious, dreamy feel, the vocals enter and exit smoothly and non-invasively. A rolling, rounded baseline keeps time, unfolding in the same fashion as the under layer of noise. Crunchy shakers enter and almost disrupt our slumber, but the gentle vocals maintain their soothing effect on us and we continue to dream. We are awakened once more, only this time by an invigorating, yet slightly menacing, synth melody that grows louder upon itself until it’s released and we succumb to the dreamy soundscape that is Reasons.

Fort Romeau’s ‘Reasons’ EP was released on June 16th, 2017.

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