REVIEW Jimpster ‘Silent Stars’ [Freerange Records]

Jimpster’s at it again! His much anticipated 7th album was just released and the music world is better for it. The Englishman has dedicated the album to the ‘nocturnal hours’ and a quick glance at the title, Silent Stars, confirms it. In his usual style, the DJ and producer is not constrained by one style of music, but instead has drawn influences from many genres; from jazz to tribal to Balearic, you’ll hear it on this LP.

Groovy, chromatic house chords waver above drum-laden percussion, giving both an easygoing and upbeat tone. As Silent Stars, the LP’s title track, continues, more drums are introduced, but instead of being structured methodically, they have an improvisatory feel. The tempo is relaxed and allows for the listener to be swept away, rather than feeling like they have to catch up. Echoing, full-bodied feel-good vocals enter and soar high above newly introduced bass notes and give the track a purpose. Whereas before we were simply enjoying the sway of the beat, now, with the vocal introduced, our momentum has been channeled into a whole new direction. (Tess)

Jimpster’s ‘Silent Stars LP’ was released on May 13th on Freerange Records.


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