REVIEW Joakim ‘Samurai (Red Axes Remix)’ [Tigersushi]

Tel-Aviv duo Red Axes’s remix of Joakim’s ‘Samurai’ is a nice reminder that winter is almost over. With a faster tempo and rich house chords, this song is bound to get feet moving on the dance floor during the upcoming warmer months.
After a brief, drum-filled introduction, the track begins to work its way to its full summer vibe potential. At the beginning the possibilities seem endless, but as soon as the fuzzy synth chords enter through a classic fade-in, there is only one direction this track can go. The cool saxophone line snakes high above the muffled vocals, the legato bass line rolls forward while the repeating 32nd notes keep time. Moments before the climax, and still high from the soprano voices, all musical elements suspend momentarily, and then come crashing down with full force. To the sound of cascading synthesizer notes, the previously heard swirling legato bass line returns, only this time, in the treble register. It must be because we’ve heard it before, but this returning melodic line is the missing piece, and elevates the track to new heights. The song ends in a parallel fade-out as the warm synth chords bid us farewell.
What the Samurai original loses in rhythm, it gains in melody, and the careful balance of ‘live’ versus electronic means we get the best of both worlds – an 80’s retro synth pop feel with the added warmth of live instruments. (Tess)
Red Axes remix of Joakim ‘Samurai’ will be released on March 17th, 2017 on Tigersushi / Because Music.

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