REVIEW Benjamin Fröhlich ‘Ghost Orchid (Cleveland Remix)’ [Permanent Vacation]

Following his 2016 remix of ‘Abstraxion’, the 27 year old from Brussels has decided to try his hand at Benjamin Fröhlich’s ‘Ghost Orchid’. Also released on record label Permanent Vacation, Cleveland breathes new life into the Fröhlich original.

What this remix brings to the track is a stronger sense of rhythm, felt almost immediately, and accomplished by its lush percussion. The rhythm is not typical, as the drum notes are not distributed in the typical strong-weak pattern. This creates a choppy feeling, which is strengthened by the outward and upward rippling synth notes. The uneven, or stuttery theme is maintained throughout with the inclusion of staccato, or sharply detached notes, as well a jumpy harp-like line.

The glue that keeps this track together, however, is the three most prominent melodic lines: the descending broken chord, the trumpet/horn passage, and the whistling chime melody. They become a milestone, something to keep the listener from wandering off in too many directions. All in all, Cleveland has successfully captured the essence of the original, while fully making it his own. (Tess)

Cleveland’s ‘Ghost Orchid’ was released on March 3rd, 2017, on Permanent Vacation.

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