REVIEW Michael Mayer & Joe Goddard ‘For You (DJ Koze Mbira Remix)’ [K7 Records]

Two months since his last release, the decorated DJ and producer, DJ Koze, has just come out with not one but three remixes of Michael Mayer and Joe Goddard’s ‘For You’. Recently released on K7 records, he is the third artist to try their hand at the tracks reinvention. The collection containing a Club, Mbira and Mbira instrumental remix is as diverse as expected. DJ Koze masterfully conducts the elements of this remix into a subaquatic symphony, full of sonic ‘bubbles’ and a lulling string of synth notes that mimics the ebb and flow of waves.
Wasting no time, the track immediately dives into the full soundscape that is DJ Koze. The collection of repeating synth notes starting on the tonic and ending on the dominant note are the backbone of this well-received remix. These delicate notes resonate purely, almost like a lullaby. The soft bass drum highlights the fragile beauty, and the waves of ‘sonic bubbles’, flitting upward and outward like little projections strengthens the imagery. Lastly, the feeling of this song is bittersweet – the mbira, an African musical instrument, creates an upbeat feeling, whereas the minor bass notes stirs up a countering sombre one. All in all, the genius of this track is that anything more would feel busy, and anything less would feel too sparse, but isn’t that the beauty of DJ Koze? (Tess)
‘For You’ (DJ Koze Remixes) EP was released on February 24th, 2017 under K7 Records.

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