REVIEW Jonathan Kaspar ‘Supine EP’ [KX]

Patience is the key with Jonathan Kaspar’s ‘Supine’ EP, recently released on Cologne-based record label, KX. Although the tracks don’t have catchy synth hooks, epic bass lines, or driving drum patterns, they never once lose the listener’s attention. This is because it’s the clever build-ups in the form of an absent beat, or simply the addition of one musical element every few bars, that propel the tracks continuously onward. It is Kaspar’s artistic perspective that elevates this EP to its great height, and we thank him for it.
‘Even’ screams underground, and with its low register bass notes and crunchy beats, it will surely be played until the wee hours of the morning. In spite of the track’s minimal instrumentation, it maintains its momentum by periodically discontinuing the beat, and with the use of elevating synth pads.
The EP’s title track is appropriately named as it a prime example of all the previously discussed production elements. The track begins with a wave of underlying bass; undulating and pulsing throughout like a sustained pedal point. The producer continues to add musical element upon musical element, skillfully increasing the intensity. At the peak of Karspar’s carefully cultivated sound, the sustained bass exits and we free fall slightly, just to be picked up again almost exactly where we left off, but this time, with more gusto.
A perfect finale to the EP, ‘Envelope’ reminds the listener of the art of restraint. Graced with warm keys and a gentle crackle in the background, the track puts the finishes touches on the collection and exposes Kaspar as a well-rounded producer, capable of evoking peak time after-hour songs, as well as early evening warm-up tunes. Carefully unfolding bar after bar, the track isn’t flashy or dazzling, but is more like a heartfelt embrace. The beauty is in the moment, and we aren’t going anywhere quickly. (Tess)
Jonathan Kaspar’s ‘Supine’ EP was released on February 17th, on KX.

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