REVIEW Panthera Krause ‘Stonith EP’ [Riotvan]

The three tracks on Panthera Krause’s most recent EP, ‘Stonith’, may all seem contrasting, but with a careful ear one can detect the telltale production techniques that indicate Krause is staying true to his sound. ‘Twerk It’, played by the likes of DJ Koze and Dixon, may seem like the obvious star of this much-anticipated EP, but ‘Stonith’ is surely the hidden gem. Regardless of favourites, all three come together to make this a strong, eclectic EP.

Despite ‘Stonith’s’ seemingly unrelated musical elements, Panthera Krause effectively weaves them together to create a harmonious and diverse track. The most prominent feature is the break beat rhythm, causing the emphasis or strong beat to be displaced onto a neighbouring, weaker beat. This syncopation is further strengthened by the continuous minor 6th intervals, which also accents a weak beat. Warm house chords interrupt a funky beat, adding another layer to the song. In a final climax, the bass and melody exit, while the chords heat up and everything literally comes to a screeching halt. The reintroduction of all musical elements until the end serves as a coda, or final section.

The second track of the EP, ‘Take Me’, has a chromatic, almost flat-like sound. This is exemplified in the tinny cowbell as well as the diminished and augmented chords. The combination of the previously mentioned stylistic techniques and his use of ostinatos, or a repeating musical sequence, tells the listener that this is undoubtedly a Panthera Krause production.

The final track, ‘Twerk It’, begins with repeating ascending melodic thirds, which ring like chimes. This catchy introduction means the dance floor is already bustling even before the melodic hook kicks in. The descending organ chords not only add to the disco vibe, but also contrast the repeating ascending thirds. Krause’s use of the full tonal spectrum, from low bass lines to high chimes, means the listener is treated to a wide range of sound. (Tess)

Panthera Krause’s ‘Stonith’ EP will be released on February 10th, 2017 on Riotvan.

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