Dutchman Rancido is about to release Connaisseur Recordings‘ last EP of the year called ‘Devil‘s Den‘ – a futuristic house approach with African influences and the successor to his highly appreciated ‘The Journey EP‘ on Innervisions. Torture the Artist spoke to Rancido who also created our next podcast. Read the words – feel the music.

Torture the Artist: You released on labels such as Sum Over HistoriesStil vor Talent and now Connaisseur. In the past you managed to place your music on renowed imprints such as Innervisions or Atjazz Record Company. Do you feel flattered to having had the chance to work with such labels?
Rancido: I feel flattered and honored, that I had the chance to work with these labels. I respect their work and visions, they paved the way for me as well. People notice me faster because of these labels and if possible I would definitely love to create more magic for them.

Torture the Artist: After releasing so many EPs does it not trigger you to come up with an album?
Rancido: No, not really. I feel, that when I am ready, I will make an album, I should be ready somewhere next year

Torture the Artist: Your release ‘Devil‘s Den‘ on Connaisseur sounds stylistically like the successor of your ‘The Journey EP‘. How do you perceive your latest EP?
Rancido: Like you said, it is the successor of my EP ‘The Journey’. Lots of things have happened in the meantime. I had to step back from music for a bit. ‘Devil’s Den‘ is a great comeback for me, and it is nice to know that people still believe in my music! I am ready to continue my journey.

Torture the Artist: What‘s your vice when producing music?
Rancido: My startups can be difficult, so I would say that my vice is, that I am lazy sometimes.

Torture the Artist: If there were any artists you could choose to work with in the future, who would it be and why?
Rancido: In my scene, that would be Culoe De Song, simply because I love how he creates and produces music, also his sound is similar to mine. But to be honest, there a lot of artist/ producers/ musicians that I want to work with. There are too many good ones.

Torture the Artist: You started as a dancer now you are a DJ and producer. Has being an active part of both sides an influence of your productions and is maybe the reason why you produce such diverse music?
Rancido: Yes, of course and the reason why I produce so diverse, is because I find inspiration in any house genre, but my focus now is mainly on Techno, Deep House with African influences.

Torture the Artist: You are a Rotterdam resident – probably a city not too many connect with Deep House or Techno – what do you worship about your hometown in terms of music?
Rancido: Benny Rodrigues / Rod

Torture the Artist: What are the places to hang out at in Rotterdam when being into Deep House and Techno music?
Rancido: Places to hang out in Rotterdam depend on the promoter, that is hosting the party, while you’re in the city. You’ll probably like to hang out at TOFFLERAnnabelFactory 010 just to name a few.

Torture the Artist: Where do you dig for new music or inspiration?
Rancido: That is different every time. I have my standard portals that I check. Beatport, Traxsource, Muting The Noise, Soundcloud etc. Also if possible, I stream music with Spotify or Deezer, as I can check full tracks, to see if I really like it.

Torture the Artist: You are driving on a cold winter night through the city. What three tracks would be bumping in your stereo?
Rancido: Wham! – Last Christmas, Mariah Carey – All I Want For Christmas and John Lennon – So This Is Christmas. Top tracks!

Rancido ‘Devil’s Den EP’ is out December 16th via Connaisseur.
Get your digital copy here:

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