EXCLUSIVE Freek Fabricius ‘Melancholica (Future is Cancelledit) [SoHaSo x Marguerita]

For Something Happening Somewhere‘s next release the label around Nuno Dos Santos comes in with a joint venture project alongside Marguerita Recordings and deliver one of the years most exciting EPs, namely Freek Fabricius’ Lost My Controller EP. The six tracker by the 030303-collective member is versatile, flamboyant, trippy, experimental or simply eclectic extraordinary. With his track Melancholica (Future Is Cancelledit) the Utrecht-based artist hits into new (sound) spheres as he combines melo-melodic elements with a futuristic seeming almost break-esque bass line that wobbles in the subfrequencies as in the mid- and high-frequencies our auditory canals are spoilt with elaborate tonal colors and sound shapes. With Melancholica (Future Is Cancelledit) Freek Fabricius delivers a cut combining the lovely weirdness of an Aphex Twin with the break-influences of 2ManyDjs and the intriguing chords of Pantha Du Prince.

Freek Fabricius’ EP Lost My Controller will be released on SoHaSo x Marguerita on September 18th, 2020.

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