EXCLUSIVE DC Salas ‘Keep Them Closer’ [Live At Robert Johnson]

He’s leaving his musical footprint on one of Germany’s most renowned imprints. The mid-thirtysomethings Diego Cortez Salas, short DC Salas, and Biologic co-label head makes his debut on Live At Robert Johnson with his The Complicared Art of Dreaming EP, a fiver tracker that is as artful as the title suggests and the label assumes. Delivering and covering a wide spectrum of sounds ready to be played out on the wooden dance floor of the respected Robert Johnson venue and anywhere else, The Complicated Art of Dreaming not only impresses due to its musical diversity but with its artful dealing with meticulous sounds and arrangements in various contexts. The EP’s opener, Keep Them Closer, is an impetuous dance floor tying piece with yet the right amount of artfulness to make the audience move driven by intrinsic motivation caused by extrinsic events. In short: Keep Them Closer does take one on an emotional fast ride and pulls the audience closer to it with every beat, with every synth-note, with every acid-bleep.

DC Salas EP The Complicated Art of Dreaming will be released on Live At Robert Johnson on April 24th, 2020.

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