DJ CHARTS Sandrino [Sum Over Histories/ Innervisions]

Berliner by choice Sandrino has always been known for being a great selector as he walks the extra mile or digs a little bit deeper than others when it comes to music in order to create those special moments on the dance floor or wherever Sandrino’s music is played out. But his exceptional and unique selector skills are not only in demand when it comes to DJing but also as the Sum Over Histories label head for which Sandrino is always on the hunt for talented artists. No wonder two of the upcoming releases are included in his recent top10 for Torture the Artist and set the basis for a well-balanced musical mix that is as eclectic as confidently stylish as Sandrino’s musical and smart range.

  1. Beesmunt Soundsystem ‘Nova Sen’ [Worst Records]
  2. INVŌKER ‘Meet Me At The Escape Pod [Sum Over Histories]
  3. Tornado Wallace ‘Midnight Mania’ [Optimo Music]
  4. Aera ‘Turning Machine’ [unkown]
  5. Dodi Palese ‘The Most Incredible Place’ [unknown]
  6. Jose Rodrigues ‘Ataraxia (Jepe Remix)’ [unkown]
  7. Frankey & Sandrino ‘Black Hole’ [Watergate Records]
  8. Mathias Schober ft. Atelier ‘The Fall’ [Lossless]
  9. Apste ‘Dub Love’ [Sum Over Histories]
  10. Motip White ‘Too Eeh’ [unkown]

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