EXCLUSIVE Toto Chiavetta ‘Hunters’ [Yoruba Records]

Living in the South of Italy, Catania based DJ and producer Toto Chiavetta returns to Osúnlade​’s label Yoruba Records and releases the ‘Nagnu Jubo Remixes EP’. The four tracker includes two brand new cuts by Toto, ‘Hunters’ and ‘Minds’, as well as a Yoruba Soul Mix and Dub by label honcho Osunlade of ‘Nagnu Jubo’, a track taken from Chiavetta’s debut album ‘Impermanence’, released on Yoruba in September 2016. Contrary to burgeoing expectations of summer-ish sounding musical pieces Chiavetta remains true to his dark-twisted and stripped down music hunting for its listener’s minds on the dance floor. The EP’s closing track, ‘Hunters’, is no exception and reflects the Sicilian’s preference for techy influenced with percussions and sparse synth-chords enriched music that pays attention to detailed and carefully elaborated soundscapes to create a dark almost mystical atmosphere.

Toto Chiavetta’s EP ‘Nagnu Jubo (Remixes)‘ will be released March 23th, 2018 on Yoruba Records.

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