ART:CAST Derrick Vnuk

Residing in Vancouver, Canada, Derrick Vnuk is no stranger to the game. With 19 years of DJ experience and a reputation for emotion-evoking music, Derrick pulls out all the stops on his latest mix – from the cathartic opening track, ‘Rain’ by Quentin, to the hard-hitting beats of Eagles & Butterflies’ ‘Experiment E’; the larger than life chants of ‘Wega’ by Frankey & Sandrino, the head-spinning melodies of Marvin & Guy’s ‘Corridor’ remix, and the grimy, dripping vocals of Mano Le Tough’s ‘Limbo’ remix. And for those keeping track, yes, we are only halfway through.
Although Derrick’s track listing is impressive, his greatest accomplishment is his ability to make it into a fluid mix, not just a collection of bangers.
For your listening enjoyment, and exclusive to Torture the Artist, please enjoy an hour and a half of Derrick Vnuk.
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