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French DJ and Producer Anthony Georges Patrice lets both speak in today’s Torture the Artist special: words & music. Currently residing in the German capital Anthony gives us an insight into his inspiration, his music, his life and his planned ‘Parallel Romance’ between Paris and Berlin.

Torture the Artist: You moved to Berlin from Paris this year. What led you to Berlin and what are the major difference between the both cities?
Anthony Georges Patrice: Yes. I actually moved last summer. The idea had been there for let’s say 6 or 7 years but I decided to move there when I felt I would have enough support from people to help me find my way through the city. Berlin is the best representative of what we call freedom. The artistic energy is definitely there, but it somehow turns out to be tough to find your own space when, like me, you come from a very conservative background. People do what they want here, while in Paris you do what you have to do. Meanwhile, I must confess I miss the beauty of Paris. I fell in love at first sight with the city and will probably go back and forth for some time, which is very interesting in terms of creativity in my opinion.

Torture the Artist: What are your favorite places to party and/or hang out in Berlin and Paris?
Anthony Georges Patrice: I may mention that something happens when you play once in your life at Rex Club in Paris. You can never probably enjoy playing in better conditions or rarely at least. At first it all starts with the team. The Rex club family is so strong, deeply involved, very close and absolutely respectful with the customers from door, to vestiaire, to the bar. Simply brilliant as it always has been for the last 26 years or maybe 27 now.
Other than that, I fancy places like La Java, a rock n roll and easy going club with a great programme, parties like ‘Most Wanted‘, ‘Renascence, ‘Crazy Jack‘, ‘Follow the White Rabbit‘ as those parties always choose some of the best venues.
In Berlin I must confess I particularly like Arena Club for the general vibe, but most of all I think the Berlin experience is more about bars, as clubs get a bit out of fashion sometimes – oh shhh… is it really me getting old here? I particularly like ‘Zum Böhmischen Dorf‘ and ‘Art und Weise‘ for their awesome service and friendly atmosphere.

Torture the Artist: ‘Parallel Romance‘ was one of the tunes biggest tunes in 2014 and favored by artists such as Ame or Dixon. What was the first thought that came to your mind when you heard about the supporters of your track and what has changed ever since for you?
Anthony Georges Patrice: ‘Parallel Romance‘ was supported and it was a pleasure. But, may I say, the best out of all of that, is to be in touch with people you never met sending you love for free as you even have released just one track. That is what I call a gift. At this point I want to give a very very veeeery special thanks to some young passionate lovely guys from Ireland who show their love consistently. It sounds obvious but it’s free love and to me it’s just one of the most beautiful things life has to offer. Connection with souls that dance the night away at the other end of the world or on the other side of the sea. Other than that, I follow what the masters say: music is music. And nothing else. Whether it stays in your hard drive, floppy disc or DAT, or whether it sales million copies.The most important thing is that it is done.

Torture the Artist: It‘s been a while since you have released a whole EP. What can your listeners expect in terms of music in the future?
Anthony Georges Patrice: Expect everything. Including me doing a double backflip naked in the rain.

Torture the Artist: Where do you dig for new music or inspiration?
Anthony Georges Patrice: At the local legal drug dealer we call a record store most of the time.
Nothing. I said nothing is better than a close relationship with a good selective record store that wants to have its own imprint, and spread its message of truth within the music.
Big up to Synchrophone, La Source, Betino’s – places where I found gold in Paris.

Torture the Artist: What are your secret weapons at the moment to rock any dancefloor?
Anthony Georges Patrice: I’d say the people that I follow which are around 1977 – for those who know – Gaab, Dresvn, Don’t DJ, Steevio, Hans Thalau, Ghini-b, Trevor Deep Jr, Fred P, Quarion, TRP and labels like D3 Elements which put out one massive EP called ‘Technologie 1-01‘, Lab.our music one of the greatest and most advanced techno labels, Shall Not Fade, Soul People Music, Studio R… too many actually to name them all.

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