PREMIERE Konvex & the Shadow ‘Fall In Love‘ [AZZUR]

French based DJ and producer Guilhem a.k.a Konvex & the Shadow – KATS in short – presents his first solo EP ‘Far From Us‘ on Azzur Music.
KATS, co-owning the label alongside Melokolektiv and Nandu, has released a lot of collaborative material making his gloomy, mysterious and diverse sound heard. But his solo productions have taken quite a long incubation process that in the meantime allowed KATS to explore his darkness before providing it to the scene. As for now ‘Far From U‘ has received heavy support from RampaBaikalYokoO and Anthony Georges Patrice just to name a few.
The EP‘s eponymous track ‘ Far From Us‘ transfers a nostalgic atmosphere due to the precise arrangements and subtle to ridiculous synth modulations throughout the track, while “Bongolistic” and “9” are soundscapes indulging you into a classic club atmosphere composed by straight percussive beats and tribal echoes.
The closing track “Fall In Love” – exclusively premiered by Torture the Artist – is the strong electronic anthem: progressive elements combined with a strong kick that reveals Konvex’s dark whispers, accompanied by the enticing groove, definitely turn it into a DJ track to rock any dancefloor.

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‘Far From Us‘ is released via AZZUR December 12.

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